We can end Los Angeles' traffic nightmare with your help!

FAST Mission

FAST is dedicated to ending LA County’s traffic gridlock by implementing practical, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable improvements to our infrastructure, our mobility options and our technology.

Did you know?

  • The average Angeleno spends 81 hours stuck in traffic! – a total of 622 million hours a year in LA County!
  • We lose $5800 a year in lost productivity per Angeleno due to gridlock – $13.3 billion collectively in LA County!
  • Poor quality roads cost drivers at least $892 annually in the LA region.

Join FAST (it's free!) and we will fix traffic together!

FAST features some great new ways to travel and end our gridlock! If just 3% of people currently driving alone choose these options instead, we can reduce traffic by 15%!

  • Use the GoLA app to learn new ways to get where you want to go by transit, Lyft, Zipcar, taxi, Metro bike share, biking and walking!
  • Check out Metrolink’s new schedules View Website | Download PDF
  • Take Metro’s buses, rail, or vanpools more often. Use Metro’s Trip Planner to find transit routes to wherever you want to go.
  • Take a DASH bus when traveling in Downtown LA.
  • Use car-sharing and carpools more often. Use these cost calculators to see how much money and emissions you will save!
  • Take the Metro ExpressLanes on the I-110 or I-10 East, especially the Silver Line busway.
  • Take a shuttle to the Music Center, Hollywood Bowl, MOCA, LA Live, LACMA, etc.
  • Try Metro Bike Share or Santa Monica Breeze bikes.
  • Support improvements to major arterials – road and sidewalk paving, signal timing, crosswalks, reduce on-street peak hour parking, optimize bus stops – to improve vehicle flow and safety.

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Get up to the minute traffic reports and view the City's Transportation Plan.



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