Reconfiguring the "Car Culture"

The toll LA’s congestion takes on our economy and quality of life are undeniable. Much of our city was designed with the automobile in mind, and the prospect of significantly reconfiguring the way we travel seems an uphill battle.

However, it is a problem we can surmount. By implementing fast-trackable measures that can be executed within the limits of our existing infrastructure, we can begin to shift our travel practices as we wait for a number of major transportation initiatives to come on line.

Among the large scale transit efforts being put forth are Measure R, which would secure $40 billion dedicated to public transit, and proposed extensions of the MTA’s Gold and Orange lines into the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys.

This section, “FAST lane”, explores the cost traffic congestion is inflicting upon our city, municipal efforts underway to curb that cost, and some of the key lawmakers who are pushing these efforts forward.

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