Orange Line

This high-speed bus line, a hybrid between a standard bus and a light rail system, runs along a dedicated, right-of-way route between the North Hollywood Red Line Subway station and Warner Center in the West San Fernando Valley.  This line, which has seen its ridership increase steadily since it went on line in 2005, has revolutionized the way cities are thinking about public transportation.
Built along an unused rail corridor, the Orange line operates like a train – it does not have to stop for traffic signals, and is thus impervious to street traffic.  BY repurposing a former rail line and modifying standard city busses, the Orange line operates as efficiently as a light rail line, but was built and is maintained for a fraction of the cost.
Measure R would see extension of this extremely successful public transit project, and would pave the way for similar systems to be implemented along other heavily traveled corridors in our city.

Gold Line

This 13.7 mile light rail line, which connects the Metro Blue, Green, and Red lines, has brought a whole new level of connectivity to the Los Angeles public transit system.  
Residents along the Gold Line – people living in Chinatown, Highland Park, and most key stops in Pasadena, can now travel south to Long Beach, east to Norwalk, and west to North Hollywood.
Measure R would provide funding to fast-track the gold line’s extension out to Claremont, and move numerous other similar projects forward.    

Measure R

Voters successfully passed Measure R on the November 4th ballot. Measure R will provide $40 billion in new transit mobility projects in the next 30 years through a half-cent sales tax increase. Find out what projects are in store for LA County.


Bike Benefits from Bailout

The government’s recent $700 billion bailout of the financial sector includes a provision that will directly benefit those who use their bicycles as their primary mode of transportation.  Starting January 2008, those who commute by bike will be eligible for a $20-a-month, tax-fee reimbursement from their employers for bicycle-related expenses.  Employers will be able to deduct this expense from their federal taxes.

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