While our transit and transportation infrastructure issues can seem daunting, actions by lawmakers, business leaders and individual Angelinos are already having an effect.

With passage of Measure R, LA County residents have shown they are willing to pay a half-cent more in sales tax to ensure funding for extensive public transportation projects and critical improvements to our city’s roadways.

At City Hall, Councilwoman Wendy Greuel has both called for a city-wide transportation strategic plan and put FAST’s agenda before the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

Moreover, the possibilities for short-term traffic and emissions mitigations were also made very clear by Beijing’s actions to clean up their city’s air for the Olympic games. 

Just as we have shown lawmakers our commitment to transportation improvements through the passage of Measure R, the city of Beijing has made it clear just how much can be accomplished if we all contribute by changing the way we travel.

Peruse this section to find out more about Measure R, the agenda set by Councilwoman Greuel, and just how drastically the city of Beijing was able to clear its traffic congestion and improve its air in a matter of weeks. 

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